Dope Header

Deciding on what to do for the header was actually a really hard decision. There wasn’t just two photos out there that I felt could perfectly represent this blog, so I chose three! The first picture was one I found that looks like its very old but all the men in the picture are dressed pretty sharp for whatever the time period looks like. The second picture is more recent, the men pictured look a little bit older but their outfits seem very young and modern in that everything is slim fitting. Finally the third photo is various celebrities and icons who are known for being well dressed. These photos together I feel, give an accurate representation of the history of menswear and the evolution of style.

I didn’t have much trouble making this header because I use Photoshop pretty often in my graphic design work. I saw that the dimensions on the side of the original header and I opened up a Photoshop document that was the same size. This helped me figure out exactly where I could position the pictures so that they looked good with the header. The first problem I encountered was that two pictures would look too distorted on the wide rectangle shape that the header image fits in. To fix this I split the left half of the header into to wide images so the they would both fit in that side. The third picture I felt, better represented the time period and styles I designed this blog around so I made it bigger than the other two.  The issue was mostly finding the right pictures to represent the blog perfectly enough to be on the home page as the header. Overall I feel like the pictures come together nicely even though it could be a little more symmetric.


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  1. Straightforward, but I really like the color scheme of your header alongside the rest of your blog. It’s very minimalist and monochromatic, and it gives off a very chill and professional vibe. Good job!


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