Theme song

The songs that I chose for the theme song/intro for this blog are “Same ol’ Mistakes” by Rihanna and “American Teen” by Khalid. These two songs are kind of random in that they are different styles of music however I always find myself listening to them back to back because of the ‘feel good’ vibe that they give out. I really had a hard time choosing which two songs I wanted to mix for this blog post because it essentially introduces everything. So I sat down and listened to a bunch of music to hear out which ones would integrate well with each other. These two happened to come on right after one another and the way the transitions happened really stuck out to me so i immediately downloaded them to mix them on a software.

This portion of the blog was fairly difficult for me to do, mostly because I don’t really have experience mixing songs together. However Audacity was a fairly easy program to use and the simplicity was helpful when mixing the two songs. Another hard aspect was the actual recording, I felt like I couldn’t accurately introduce my blog while being recorded like that because of the wide variety of things that i would like to publish in the future. Controlling the sound levels of the background music while I was talking was also hard at first. However I lowered the dB of both soundtracks to a level where my voice could be heard. Overall the experience was really fun because I got to mix together a song remix for the first time which I really wanted to do. I also got to speak a little about the blog to give a little introduction to any one who reading for the first time. Below I linked the sound cloud file that I uploaded of my introduction along with the mix, enjoy!


Theme (just in case)


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