Choosing which blog to talk about and virtually tour was fairly easy because I modeled this blog closely to it. The blog that I chose was FourPins from Four Pins used to be it’s own website however Complex acquired it and integrated it into their Style category blog posts. I go on both websites frequently so casting this virtual “tour” was like a normal day of surfing the internet for me!

Making the actual screen cast was very simple because I recently had to make a screencast for another class and I used the same software. Recording and going through the blogs was also easy because fashion and style is something I’m really into and I could talk about for hours. Overall the experience was fun because I got to look at both blog sites and model my own using similar styles that I liked. I decided to use the program ScreenCast-O-Matic because the software was free and was very simple to use. I also like the PIP style of the recording because it makes it look like a legit YouTube vlog rather than just a simple audio cast of the screen. The audio definitely could have been a little better but my housemates were being a little loud so some sound was leaking through regardless. The one thing that I like about the screen casting software I used was the way it showed where my mouse was on the screen. This helped me point out things on the web pages a little easier and made the casting process more efficient.

Overall the experience of looking at another blog really opened my eyes to the extent that people go to make sure that their content is appreciated. The fact that both blog sites keep up on other social media sites like Twitter re insures their credibility and helps make it look a lot more professional.

Screen Cast


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