Continuing a Blog

One thing that truly caught me off guard this semester was this assignment, and starting a blog in general. Over the past years I’ve always seen opportunities in which I could’ve made one for a project or something however I always seemed to stray way from it. The whole idea of posting almost daily never really intrigued me especially because I never knew much about starting a blog in the first place. WordPress made it a lot easier for me to organize and design almost every aspect of my website the way I wanted it to be. Now that I am aware of how easy it is to create a website I wont necessarily hesitate in making another one about a different topic of choice. The possibilities are endless and when you are truly passionate about something your drive will help you pursue any goal.

As for this blog, I definitely see myself adding posts here and there about something interesting I saw or read about. Hopefully as time goes by my blog can develop into more than just a school project and inspire me to pursue fashion on a professional level. I really enjoyed setting up and designing various parts of this site. The theme song and header made the blog see more personal because of the time I put into it. The final product was something I was really proud of and I hope to keep Dope Jawns going!


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