Social Media Presence

One factor that can boost the amount of exposure that one’s blog can receive is the use of social media. Optimizing social media presence can help more people gain access to your blog and will further improve the amount of activity it receives. In the real world blogs usually do this on all social media platforms because the culmination of outlets such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram provide for a great way maintaining this presence. Each social media platform has their own benefits and setbacks however blogs can be positively affected by them in all outcomes.

Starting out with the most popular of the mediums, Facebook can help improve a blog by giving it a personalized page that represents the blog. Users can usually see links to recent posts and notifications for when new posts come out. This helps ensure anyone following the page will be able to find out when new posts are available. Twitter can reach a similar goal by micromanaging the blog itself. A blog owner can tweet out to followers to make a more personal appearance for their blog. On top of this you can give Twitter followers updates as well as to when new posts or content would be published. Applications like Instagram and Tumblr can give a different side to blogs showing content through images that the user posts. These social media platforms give a different feel than Facebook and Twitter so the posts could be a little less formal. Overall the use of social media mediums help provide another outlet for your blog to be reached at so every blog owner should strive to strengthen their social media presence.


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  1. I like how you went into the benefits of different social media options for blogs to promote on. There are so many options out there for getting the word out about your blog, and a good point you made is that you can make use of all of them for different purposes like Twitter for updates and Facebook for a personalized page. I think you might want to delve a little into what you think your readers should use to promote your blog, because that idea of multi-platform promotion seems like it would work well.


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