Blinking Guy Meme

2017 has been a good year for memes I would say. We had some really good ones with Salt Bae and the guy pointing to his head. But to represent my blog I had to choose one that truly has been making me laugh every time I see it being used, and its the blinking guy meme. On it is known as the Drew Scanlon Reaction named after the guy in the gif. The reason I love this meme is because the face and reaction perfectly describes the situation sometimes and I find that hilarious. The amount of times this gif comes in handy is surprising I remember the first week I started seeing it I would post it in as a reaction to almost anything anyone said to me even my parents.  It was hard to choose just one meme that could elevate the popularity of a blog. One meme can certainly represent a blog but I would want my blog to use a variety of memes to stay relevant with the culture and bring new elements to the community. The meme involves a gif so its kinda hard to post a bunch on here so here’s a link to bunch of good ones: Other memes I’ve loved this year were Gold CeeLo, Cash Me Ousside Girl, and Meryl Streep finishing song lyrics.





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