Free Use, Free Use

When learning about Creative Commons Use and all that the world of copyright entails it really brought into perspective every time I see those warning signs before movies and sports events that most people probably ignore. The way media is regulated for free use is pretty interesting, and I only found this out by searching for various things to relate my blog with. The lack of most normal pictures that you would see in a normal Google search was definitely noticeable. To find something to relate to my blog I first searched “Men’s Fashion” and most of what came up looked like it was random. It made me see how controlled most search engines are and how accurate and advanced some searches can be. Media under fair use with creative commons are used by many individuals who seek to use images for things such as educational purposes or personal use rather than financial gain. Similarly the purpose of me searching for images was for my own research in an educational classroom, which would not see much popularity so the image I found for this post is good to use. I thought I would broaden my search so i took out “men’s” from the query and just searched fashion. But this I found wasn’t accurately portraying my blog so I went back to my original. The picture features a man sitting down and his top half is cutoff but most of his outfit is still visible. In his hand is a hat and a wooden cane with what looks like a nice ivory handle. The picture, I feel, represents this blog pretty well because it shows a dapper looking individual which represents Men’s Fashion pretty well.


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