Growing up I would love going online and seeing websites where you can create a version of yourself in the art style of popular movies or shows. I remember one of the first ones I saw was for a personalized South Park character which I thought was pretty cool. It is pretty cool that these websites can break down the most basic style of a particular artist and crank out so many different personalized versions of characters. Choosing between Power Puff Girls and a Peanuts character was pretty easy I definitely wanted to make someone in the Charlie Brown Universe. When I saw that a snoopy-like character was available I was pretty stoked because if a character like me was in Charlie Brown I’d most likely be chilling with Snoopy the whole time because he was always the chillest character. With that, I decided to make Snoopy a pal, and made dog that had a baseball cap and a tennis ball. I feel like the two would be great friends because I could totally see the character in the show already. The process with most of these websites is usually universal and easy which adds to the fun of customizing characters. The wardrobe style of changing the characters clothes allow for the user to customize their character to fullest, making each user’s character unique in their own way. These types of fan art websites really help improve fan bases for certain brands because it allows people to feel like they are apart of the show itself making them like it even more.


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