Other Blog Jawns

When looking at other blogs for inspiration or just through boredom, I take deep mental notes on small things that I notice because someone may do the same with my blog. When looking at fashion blogs I also pay attention to the tone of the articles written and how the author is trying to come across with their voice and opinion. Although I know I have a long way to go before I write posts in which people can recognize the tone of writing however it is always good to notice these types of things on other sites. One thing that I love about websites like Complex or GQ is that they try to engage their audience in a big way to excite conversation in the comments. What this does is help spread the article through word of mouth and conversation. Someone might read something and ask their friend how they feel about it which slowly increases the amount of people talking about the post and eventually gets it trending. Of course the difference between those websites and mine is immense but someone can spark similar conversation on a smaller scale and still help the blog grow. This will help the author long term because after they have established a voice and a tone of writing, their audience will develop and hopefully come back for more.


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