Checking In or Checking Out?

So this whole blog experience for me has been really interesting. At the beginning I was skeptical of my own talents as a writer and first time blog owner. I thought that I wasn’t going to enjoy writing almost weekly and constantly thinking about things to write about as well as content to publish. Luckily, these past few weeks have shed a lot of light on blogs in general for me and as I write out this post nearing the end of these posts I hope that I can find the time to add my own input every once in a while to keep my mind engaged with writing as well as the world around us. I thought it was cool looking forward to writing about something specific every week because it made me feel like I was running something legit (which hopefully this can be one day). So for that reason i won’t be checking out of the blog world just yet, and may find the curiosity or drive to write more in the coming weeks of summer.


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