Watching Khalid Perform

About a week ago I had the opportunity to watch the artist Khalid perform at Rutgers’ very own annual Beats on the Banks concert. Being able to book such a big artist is part of the reason that Rutgers is so awesome and it is a really great treat for the students. The attendance of the concert was enormous like always and it was nothing that I wasn’t expecting for such a big concert. I couldn’t go to last years Vic Mensa performance that RUPA organized but I went the year before when Chance the Rapper came and performed and it was life changing. I showed up to the concert a little early because as i remembered the line for Chance was out the door of the College Avenue Gym. I had balcony seats because the floor tickets to the show sold out almost immediately. The bleachers were packed and it was pretty hard for my friends and I to find a proper seat for all of us.

The show started out with a DJ from Rutgers who began playing various tracks that were popular among the audience. A DJ is always fun because they can play certain songs and then go there own unique way by mixing them with others. The DJ’s performance was pretty hype and really got everyone going. After the opener another artist came on, this time a girl. She performed original songs that were also crowd pleasers but obviously not as well known as the DJ’s tracklist. Finally the stage filed with smoke and the lights went dim as Khalid hit the stage. Khalid is an R&B soulful type of artist so I knew the set was going to be different than a conventional rap show. However the crowd absolutely loved it and seeing the songs I listen to on my Ipod being performed was such an amazing experience. The songs had a different twist to them when being sung live so they didn’t feel as slow as I thought they would. The energy of the crowd was truly electric and you could see it on Khalid himself as well. His hit songs were being sung by both him and the crowd and I can almost imagine what that must’ve felt for him. My favorite was when he performed his song ‘Location’ because that was the first song I heard from him and it sort of brought me back to that moment when I first heard it.

Overall the experience was truly amazing, I never really go to concerts that much so being able to see Khalid here at Rutgers was crazy. The biggest thing I remember is how the songs sounded so different being sung live. It was like Khalid was playing off the vibes of the audience and riding the emotions into each song. Artists like Khalid usually tour colleges when they are first starting out and gaining popularity mostly because students are their main audience and fans. Once again its so cool that Rutgers arranged this concert and I look forward to what artist they book for next years Beats on the Banks.


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